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How We Are

A group of engineers and technicians with high experience in Arab companies in various fields, with the dream of creating an integrated engineering community through our electronic platform

Our objective

Solving the difficulty of reaching some products through    high diversity in prices and products.

Break the monopoly barrier by some agencies in the services of installation and repair and maintenance through the freelancer engineer and technician.

Assist the engineering sector by opening a partial labor market for engineers and technicians while retaining their functions and confidentiality.

We Offer

Offering a high value service through a product at a convenient price and high quality

Your work with the engineer and the free technician, who is the reform and maintenance according to the nature of the problem and expertise required at a suitable price and high quality

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Our Guarantee

The products provided by the website are guaranteed by the supplier and the website is guaranteed

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Our Slogan

An engineering solution for our Arab homeland

We Target 

Factory owners who do not have a maintenance team

Managers of engineering departments through variety of products and prices for the same item

Purchasing Managers by providing technical support service ,the right price and variety of products

Advantages of joining us as a supplier

Advantages of  the spread to your products through all social media methods

Define the market with the features of your products through a dedicated technical support team

Provide team fixtures for your products at a convenient price

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The advantages of joining us as Freelancer

Your data is confidential

Guarantee your entitlements through the site’s judging team

Expand your circle of relationships through a high – value engineering market

Take advantage of your experiences through installation and repair

Setting the price of the service through you in agreement with the site

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