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Free PLC Siemens Training for beginners

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الان تقدر تشترك فى واحد من اهم الاماكن في الكورسات فى مصر وهو سيمنز من خلال الموقع الان تقدر تدخل تسجل وتستفيد من انك تاخد كورسين مجانا من خلال الموقع
اضغط علي اللينك وسجل حساب واشترك فى الكورس مجانا

Course Content
What are the advantages of a programmable logic controller (PLC) over a hard-wired controller? What are the different signal types? How is a program executed in an automation device? How do you program in function block diagram, ladder logic and statement list? These and other questions on programmable logic controllers are answered in the multimedia and inter-active learning program. It is suitedfor beginners that have basic knowledge of electrical engineering and who want to familiarize themselves with the basics of programmable logic controllers. Depending on your level of knowledge, the learning time is from 4 to 6 hours. Decide for yourself, when and where you want to learn and which chapters you work through! Then check your newly aquired knowledge in the exercise module with an extensive test. You can order the WBT directly via the Internet. Immediately following placement of the order, the WBT is available for one year in your personal learning environment for online learning.



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